Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let it be True

The Christian Science Monitor has an article headlined, "Time Running Out for US Farm Bill". I wish it were true and that this market distorting, subsidy laden, immoral piece of legislation could just die a quiet death, but the truth is that the argument is not over whether this folly should be continued, but only over the form it takes and how to pay for it with our tax dollars:

Chicago - This was supposed to be the week that Congress finally passed a new farm bill, to replace the one that expired six months ago.

It still might happen. But the behemoth $300 billion piece of legislation – which covers not just commodities subsidies and payments to farmers, but also food stamps, nutrition programs, and numerous conservation and energy programs – is having a rough time in congressional conference as leaders in both houses try to hammer out the differences between their two bills and figure out how to pay for the extra spending.

With agricultural commodities hitting records on a daily basis, why the hell are we passing a bill to subsidize farming?

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