Thursday, February 28, 2008

Index Comparisons

We've updated our Index Comparison page on our website. In these studies we compare the performance of various indices over varying time periods. It's interesting to see where money is flowing in and out. Obviously, the commodity indices are vastly outperforming this year, but there are some surprises:

1. Even with the turmoil this year, emerging markets are still outperforming the US.
2. Taiwan is the best performing of the Asian markets we follow; Hong Kong is the worst.
3. Developed Europe and the EAFE are both underpeforming the US market YTD.
4. The NAREIT Residential Index and the Mortgage Index are both up for the year. The residential index was up 10.77% as of 2/25.
5. Regardless of all the talk about gold and oil, silver is the best performing of the commodity ETFs we follow, up 22.4% YTD.
6. The US Home Construction Index ETF is up 9.64% YTD.

We've also posted other interesting research on the website. Please take the time to wander around. Research Home Page

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