Friday, April 20, 2007

Technology to the Rescue

Consider energy. We are awash in energy (10,000 times more than required to meet all our needs falls on Earth) but we are not very good at capturing it. That will change with the full nanotechnology-based assembly of macro objects at the nano scale, controlled by massively parallel information processes, which will be feasible within twenty years. Even though our energy needs are projected to triple within that time, we'll capture that .0003 of the sunlight needed to meet our energy needs with no use of fossil fuels, using extremely inexpensive, highly efficient, lightweight, nano-engineered solar panels, and we'll store the energy in highly distributed (and therefore safe) nanotechnology-based fuel cells. Solar power is now providing 1 part in 1,000 of our needs, but that percentage is doubling every two years, which means multiplying by 1,000 in twenty years.

The peak oilers and other Malthusians will be wrong again. This is a quote from Ray Kurzweil who was the first to see the promise of the internet way back in the early 80s. He's been right so many times about future events, one wonders if he truly does have a crystal ball. I believe that technological advances will make the whole issue of peak oil and global warming a moot point withing the next 25 years. Check out Kurzweil's web site; it'll help you keep up to date with the advances that are happening at an increasing rate.

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