Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Main Street vs Wall Street

One of the reasons we started Alhambra Investment Management is because we believe we can do a better job, at a lower price, than the retail Wall Street brokerage houses. We can keep costs low and provide independent advice because the information monopoly of Wall Street has been broken. We have access to the same information that was once available only to the very wealthy and Wall Street insiders. We can buy independent research and gather information about any publicly traded company. And the information is available at a cost that is affordable or in many instances, free. Our role is to interpret and apply the information for clients who don't have the time or inclination to do it themselves.

Here's an article from TechCentralStation that speaks to this subject:

"It's easy to see why large institutional investors look down on Main Street's "low-margin, nickel-and-dime accounts" -- it's simply too much trouble for these large institutions to deal with anyone who doesn't have a sizable amount of wealth to invest. However, this is exactly why the financial services sector is ripe for technological disruption. Millions of citizen investors with less than $200,000 to invest (the unofficial cut-off for many professional money managers) are looking for investment alternatives that will enable them to minimize costs and maximize returns." Read the rest...

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